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Adorini Sorrente - Deluxe Humidor
I was in the market for a new humidor, as the seal on an older model I purchased several years ago was never ideal and required constant monitoring and dehumidification. A friend referred me to a German based company called Adorini, which manufactures high quality humidors, cigar cabinets, and cigar accessories. I inquired about and had the Adorini Sorrente - Deluxe humidor model sent to my attention for review. This particular model holds up to 75 cigars and is a sleek looking humidor that contains a nice high quality multiple black lacquer finish on the outside along with a tobacco leaf design on the lid. Whenever I receive a new humidor, I like to perform what I refer to as the 'car door' test--you can usually tell how well an automobile is built by the way a door slams shut. Same thing holds true for a humidor. When one opens and then closes the Sorrente humidor, you get an air tight seal feel that one expects and gets from other humidors costing hundreds of dollars more.

Aside from the impressive looks and vacuum seal feel of this particular humidor, Adorini humidors include some unique features such as humidifiers that have adjustable vent openings that allow you to control the humidification levels within your humidor (i.e. vents open if you want humidification levels higher, vents closed if you want lower humidification levels) and unique ventilation 'ribs' built into the bottom and sides of the humidor that improve air flow and circulation. Each Deluxe series humidor sold by Adorini comes with a lifetime warranty, pre-calibrated high precision hygrometer, gold plated humidifier, a nice comprehensive Humidor Guide containing information on the humidor and proper cigar storage tips, along with a bottle of 100% distilled water humidifier liquid. In short, no detail was left out in the construction of this humidor and meticulous German craftsmanship was evident throughout.

If you are in the market for a high quality humidor at a very reasonable cost, highly recommends the Adorini brand, in general, and the Sorrente - Deluxe model, in particular (less than $300 US at the time of this review). As noted above, Adorini manufactures a wide range of humidors as well as cigar cabinets and accessories (i.e. steel cigar carrying cases, cigar cutters, and humidor accessories). Adorini ships worldwide and their website and humidor guides are available in multiple languages. For additional information, you can visit their website.


The House of Grauer
Luxury Swiss Chocolates

The good folks from The House of Grauer in Geneva, Switzerland have developed a line of luxury, handcrafted Swiss Chocolates known as �The Aficionado Chocolate Collection� that is dedicated to exploring and enriching the connections between two of the Earth�s most delectable harvests, the tobacco leaf and the cacao bean. Each chocolate and its accompanying ingredients have been specially selected and sourced from around the world and then delicately crafted and wrapped by hand to ensure the highest standards.

�The Aficionado Chocolate Collection� comes in one of 3 formats; (1) �The Leaves��in which the chocolate is shaped to resemble a tobacco leaf and is topped off with either Hawaii Kona coffee bean, Italian roasted hazelnut, Japanese green tea, or bee pollen blending etchings for added texture and flavor; (2) �The Sticks� in which the dark, rich gourmet chocolate is rolled in the shape of a small cigar and is filled with either molten cinnamon, Turkish Star Anise, French raspberry, or Italian lime that explodes with flavor and melts in your mouth; and, finally, (3) �The Rings� which consists of smaller, circular chocolates that range from white chocolate to dark chocolate. Chocolates may be ordered in mixed collections (i.e. different piece counts containing all 3 of the above formats) or in line collections (i.e. different piece counts containing the same format such as leaves only or sticks only, etc.).

The House of Grauer has gone to great lengths to put together an amazing collection of world class chocolates that cover a broad spectrum of variety. They have even assembled and include a brochure with each shipment that suggests the pairing of particular chocolates with cigars based on cigar strength. Being a cigar aficionado , myself, that prefers smoking medium to full bodied cigars, I particularly enjoyed the contrast that the recommended Italian Lime Stick and Bolivia Ring offered when enjoying my Cohiba Robusto along with a cup of Danesi espresso. It was as though I was smoking in cigar heaven given the extreme strong, robust flavors that cigar, chocolate, and espresso offered together.

You can observe the special care and attention The House of Grauer puts into all its finished product through the presentation of its packaging. The box of Petite Mixed Collection chocolates I received resembled a humidor or fine jewelry box and inside this meticulously boxed package each piece of chocolate was individually wrapped to maintain freshness. Product may be ordered online and is shipped via overnight courier for delivery anywhere in the world within 48 hours. In short, a great cigar deserves a great companion and, clearly, the world class chocolates offered by The House of Grauer will most certainly satisfy the most discerning and discriminating Cigar and Chocolate aficionado. No wonder they label their product as �The Cigar Smoker�s Chocolate Companion��no argument from the staff of


Armored Humidor Systems
When you travel as much as I do, it is important to be able to carry and store your favorite cigars in a rugged, yet compact travel humidor that will maintain your prized possessions in excellent condition under any condition. Fortunately, the good folks from Armored Humidor Systems have developed a line of travel humidors that are perfect for that weekend camping trip, golf outing, or any other recreational activity. Each of their fine humidors features a watertight, unbreakable case that meets military specs for high impact, humidity, and immersion. All Armored Humidor Systems products utilize (1) foam trays that hold your cigars in place and prevent them from moving around and touching one another and (2) Humidi-Pak humidification systems that maintain your cigars at a perfect, constant 70% humidity level regardless of outside conditions. Model # 1150--pictured above--holds 14 cigars measuring up to 7 1/2 inches and, at an unbelievable low price of only $69.95, it is easy to see why this is the best selling unit in their line. As an added incentive, all of their humidors are unconditionally guaranteed for life!!!....Finally, Armored Humidor Systems also offers a full line of high quality cigar accessories such as Leather Travel Humidors, Exotic Alligator and Leather Cigar Carriers, Leather Divot (Golf) Fixers, Lighters and more....Whether you are looking for that perfect gift, corporate giveway, or simply wish to treat yourself, please be sure to contact Armored Humidor Systems on the web or via their toll free 877-427-6673 number.

Matchless Cutter
by Direct Resources
The cutting of your cigar used to be considered an assignment best left to your local tobacconist until the recent introduction of the new Matchless Cutter by Direct Resources. This product is the world's first and only electric cigar cutter on the market and provides one with a perfect cut time after time. Have a double corona you want clipped? problem. Feel like smoking that figurado you've been saving?..again, no problem. The Matchless Cutter accepts all cigars longer than 3 1/2 inches with ring sizes from 38 to 54. Virtually any cigar in your collection can be cut to perfection through the use of a micro-thin cutting blade with a fully adjustable cutting depth. There even is a removable drawer that collects all cigar trimmings, eliminating any mess from collecting on your clothes or floor. At an amazingly low price of just $49.95, the Matchless Cutter makes the perfect gift for the cigar aficionado who has just about everything else. For additional information on this revolutionary new product, please visit our good friends at Direct Resources on the web and purchase one today (delivery time takes only 2 weeks from receipt of order).
Habitat Monitor
Climate Security System
The growth in my cigar collection has resulted in the need to find suitable storage solutions at optimal conditions to maximize my smoking experience. Although I have purchased a number of humidors over the years, I find myself running out of shelf space (not to mention money). Fortunately, the good folks from CMT, Inc. have introduced their Habitat Monitor Climate Security System which serves as an affordable, precision digital electronic humidistat, which, when combined with one of their evaporative humidifiers, transforms that spare closet or end table into a humidor that resembles that of my local tobacconist. There are 3 major components of this system, including (1) the Habitat Monitor--a highly accurate monitor that displays humidity and temperature, stores minimum and maximum temperature and relative humidity readings, and sounds an internal alarm if the measured values fall above or below desired settings (afterall, who wants to smoke dried out or beetle infested cigars?); (2) a wide range of sizes of Humidifiers (depending on available storage space and your budget) which, when connected to the Habitat Monitor, can be controlled to operate to specified settings; and (3) a Remote Alarm which can be purchased separately and used to provide a backup warning system in areas outside of the humidified storage space. To summarize, the purchase of the Habitat Monitor and one of the Humidifiers will transform any cabinet or end table into a superior, cost effective cigar storage vehicle that will maintain your cigars for many years to come. For additional information on obtaining these items, please contact CMT, Inc. directly at their toll free 1-800-659-9140 number or visit them on the web.

by Richard's
With the millennium rapidly approaching, it makes perfect sense to have the ideal humidor to store my favorite cigars in anticipation of this once in a lifetime event. After examining the Chest Style S.E. 75 model from Humidors by Richard's, I determined this is a once in a lifetime humidor. This company, based in Texas, puts out an impressive line of humidors made from a variety of woods with your choice of styles. This particular model holds up to 75 cigars and features a goldtone humidifier, brass trim hygrometer, Spanish Cedar throughout, inset solid brass handles, and much, much more. Considering that you can purchase this model for less than $350 you now know why we rate this unit--which also happens to be their best seller--so highly. If you prefer different styles or even desire to have a custom unit built to your specifications, the good folks at Humidors by Richard's will be more than happy to accommodate your special request....customer satisfaction, afterall, is their ultimate goal. If you are looking for an excellent line of humidors that will keep your fine cigars in the proper environment conducive to maintaining their freshness combined with style, then we highly recommend you contact Humidors by Richard's for additional information.
High Gloss
Burl Wood Humidor
from 1st Class Humidors
The most important thing I look for in a humidor is whether it will be able to maintain my cigars in excellent smoking condition. Design and/or artwork is a nice feature to have; however, I want to be absolutely certain that my cigars are properly humidified to ensure a wonderful smoking experience. Fortunately, the good folks from 1st Class Humidors offer an extensive line of humidors that do the job at the lowest possible prices (they offer humidors ranging in price from $49.95 to $149.95). All of their humidors are handcrafted from beautiful Burl wood or Rosewood and are equipped with a brass humidifier and hygrometer and solid brass locking hinges. Their top-of-the-line, handsome High Gloss Burl Wood Humidor--pictured above--has a nice lacquer finish, scratch resistant felt bottom, and holds up to 50 cigars for an amazingly low price of $ 125.95. 1st Class Humidors also places a tremendous emphasis on customer service, as evidenced by their 30 Day unconditional Money Back Guarantee. 1st Class Humidors also sells accessories--such as cigar cutters, humidifiers, and hygrometers--to compliment their line at equally affordable prices. If you are in the market for a new humidor, please give the good folks from 1st Class Humidors a visit today.
The Presidential
from Humidor Central
I recently added to my extensive humidor collection by picking up a new model from the good folks at Humidor Central--specialists in quality humidors and accessories at affordable prices. Humidor Central offers an extensive selection of popular priced humidors that includes 5 different lines made from a variety of woods and styles ranging in cost from $49.95 to $149.99. We decided to sample the medium sized unit from their Presidential Collection and found this humidor to be constructed with expert craftsmanship similar to those found in other, similar quality brands costing considerably more money. This particular model holds up to 100 cigars and features brass plated hidden hinges, an adjustable kiln dried Spanish cedar divider, and is made from a beautiful cherry hardwood. At a cost of only $129.99, this humidor is a steal. Each humidor manufactured by Humidor Central comes with a free hygrometer and humidifier and is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. They even offer this model in a travel humidor format at a very reasonable $109.99. These humidors make perfect gifts for a friend or yourself. If you are looking for a truly functional humidor at an affordable price, please contact our friends at Humidor Central for more information.
Rustic Heirlooms
Many people purchase a humidor--not only for its functional purpose of maintaining cigars--but also for its artistic style and value. This certainly applies to the good folks at Colorado based Rustic Heirlooms. Their award-winning line of humidors are handcrafted of wood that has been naturally dried over many years, including some wood that is more than 1500 years old. What I like best about the company is that their humidors are individually tailored to the needs of their customers and are not mass produced. As an example, you can have a design--such as a hummingbird or anything else you desire--carved, not etched, on the top of their Dark Woods Walnut unit or you can create a rustic look reminiscent of a log cabin such as the case with the Lodge Pole Pine model (pictured above). Rustic Heirlooms incorporates various forms of unique wood into all of their humidors including sequoia, black walnut, high country aspen, and solid pine. Each of the humidors is outfitted with solid brass hardware and a hygrometer. In addition, customers usually have the option of ordering a particular model in 3 different sizes (i.e. 50, 80, or 150 cigar capacity) and price categories, ranging from $ 550 to $ 1,095. Rustic Heirlooms founder, Dennis Tomlinson, takes tremendous pride in his work and it shows. They even manufacture a unique and functional smoking lamp that can complement your humidor. Special requests?....not a problem. Rustic Heirlooms can also custom design cigar chests and cabinets. If you are looking for a truly unique humidor that you can be proud of, please contact our good friends at Rustic Heirlooms at their toll free 877-2-JUST-4U (877-258-7848) number or visit their web site.

Atelier Mobas
Cigar Boxes and Humidors

I was chatting with a gentleman from France the other week, who informed me of a company that specializes in the production of Cigar Boxes and Humidors, Atelier Mobas. As most of you are well aware, the French are very meticulous and detail oriented when it comes to their craftsmanship, and the humidors manufactured by Atelier Mobas are no exception to this rule. When I first started reviewing the extensive humidor line offered by this company, a beautiful travel humidor case covered with black crocodile (their model number L2) caught my eye. As my examination of their product line continued, I could not help but notice one of their larger, desktop models--number A20--which is a deluxe cigar box made from high quality wood veneer that is available in your choice of floral walnut (pictured above), Vavona burl, Brazilian rosewood, or Macassar ebony. This model can hold a minimum of 120 cigars and it comes equipped with 6 removable partitions that allow you to store a variety of cigar brands and/or sizes comfortably. When you store this many cigars, humidification levels can often become a concern....not to worry here; each airtight model A20 humidor from Atelier Mobas comes furnished with 2 Credo regulators (as well as a hygrometer) that help ensure your cigars will remain at an ideal 70% humidity level. Finally, each of the A20 caskets are varnished and come with a polished brass lock. All this for a very reasonable $636 USD (plus shipping and handling). If you are looking for a classy, meticulously designed, and functional humidor look no further than Atelier Mobas.
Executive Humidor Executive
Desktop Humidor
by Cigars-R-Us
When you review as many cigars as we do at, you need a practical and popular priced humidor that will ensure your cigars maintain their freshness for an extended period of time. The good folks at Cigars-R-Us asked us to evaluate the best selling unit in their line, a hand crafted wood humidor available in either rosewood or teakwood that holds up to 25 cigars and we took them up on their challenge. The Executive Desktop Humidor is aimed at the gentleman or gal who wants to keep a few fresh cigars in a great looking humidor. All of their humidors are hand crafted in the United States and feature aged Spanish Cedar, solid brass hardware, precision European made hygrometers, and premium humidification standards. The outside of the boxes have a real nice look to them as each piece is hand-rubbed with 12 separate coats of water based high gloss lacquer. Having personally enjoyed one of my Ashton Maduros last night which was stored in the Executive Desktop Humidor, we can vouch that this unit will maintain your cigars at the recommended 70% humidity level over time. All of the humidors manufactured by Cigars-R-Us are backed with a lifetime warranty on all workmanship and materials and includes their exclusive 100% customer satisfaction policy. The Executive Desktop Humidor is being offered to you at the unheard of price of only $84.88 (the MSRP is $395.00). Still not convinced?....then how about if we told you Cigars-R-Us will also throw in 15 imported premium assorted cigars at no additional charge. For additional information on this exceptional offer, please contact Cigars-R-Us at their toll free (888) 224-4761 number or visit their web site where you can find equally outstanding deals on cigars and accessories.
The Aristocrat
I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I was approached by My Humidor and asked to evaluate their line of humidors that cost between $29.95 and $59.95. More often than not, I make the mistake that countless number of other people do...namely, judging something solely based on price. After playing around with a couple of these well constructed humidors, I promise not to make that same mistake again. At first glance, it appeared as though these would make the perfect novice humidor; after careful inspection, I was convinced that aficionados would not be disappointed either. All of the products from My Humidor come equipped with brass hardware, hidden hinges, felt bottoms, Spanish cedar lining, humidifier, and hygrometer. My personal favorite was the Aristocrat (pictured above) which featured a nice lacquer finish and holds between 50-75 cigars at the unheard of price of only $49.95. As if this were not already an incentive to pick up the phone, all orders are shipped out within 24 hours and you receive a free gift with your purchase--either a stainless steel cigar cutter or a gold colored name plate. In addition, My Humidor offers a "no questions asked" money back guarantee. With the sudden escalation in the price of cigars within recent years, it's nice to know I don't have to spend a fortune on keeping them properly humidified. For additional information on the complete line of products from My Humidor, you may dial their toll free 888-MY-HUMIDOR number or visit

Excalibur Travel Humidors Excalibur
For years, I have traveled on the road and always used a home made storage device to maintain my cigars. The problem with this option was that my cigars usually ended up getting crushed or they were not properly humidified. I finally broke down and purchased a remarkably new and affordable Excalibur Travel Humidor...and am I glad I did so. The Excalibur Travel Humidors feature a textured lightweight aluminum case--which does not scratch or dent easily--and are fully lined with Spanish Cedar. The case is equipped with a latch that has a tight seal and will never open unexpectedly. The Excalibur is available in two sizes--(1) The Excalibur holds up to 13 Churchill sized cigars while (2) the Excalibur II holds up to 7 Churchill sized cigars. Both units come with the Humistor 25 Humidifier. Not only are these quality products, but the cost for the Excalibur is only $129.95 and the Excalibur II is just $119.95...for perspective, the Haliburton Travel Humidors cost up to $300 and they do not come lined with Spanish Cedar. If you are truly looking for an excellent, well constructed travel humidor at a phenomenal price we encourage you to visit our good friends from, the exclusive distributors of the Excalibur Travel Humidors.
Trapps Humidors Trapps' Classic
Over the years, I have used just about every possible humidified storage receptacle known to mankind, from "Tupperdores" to popular priced humidors. However, as my tastes have progressed to the point where I am purchasing premium quality cigars on a regular basis, I felt it was time to step up and purchase a humidor that would ensure the proper maintenance of my cigars for years to come. The good folks from Trapps' Classic Humidors offer a wide range of humidors that dual as a furniture accessory as well as a functional box. Their attention to detail is evident throughout--not only from a product standpoint, but from a shipping and design format as well. We had the pleasure of reviewing their Box Joint Style Stained Cherry Humidor (pictured above) and were very impressed with the overall appearance. The humidor had a nice, snug seal; holds between 75-100 cigars; makes handsome use of a marble insert and delicate wood inlays on the top of the lid; and we were very pleased to see that they included a brass humidifier and matching, precise digital hygrometer with temperature other words, everything about the Humidor was first class and there were no short cuts taken. You might expect a humidor of this caliber to cost $750 or more...the staff at rates this a "best buy" at the unheard of price of $329.00, which includes shipping and handling. As background, Trapps Classic Humidors is a family business specializing in the creation of fine woodworking products since 1957. For additional information on their entire line of humidors, please visit them at As an added bonus, they have been generous enough to donate a humidor that you can register to win in the monthly contests.
Leaf & Tinder
Cigar Portfolio
Ever have a hard time remembering that great smoke you enjoyed a couple of weeks or months ago? Fortunately for us, the folks at Leaf & Tinder produce a self-contained system that enables you to store cigar bands and jot tasting notes in one convenient package. The Cigar Portfolio features a brown leather portfolio with individual, protective clear sleeves that will allow you to evaluate and preserve your favorite cigar memories. In addition, this handsome package features their patented Cigar Sizer, a measuring device that provides you with accurate ring size readings on various cigars. The Cigar Portfolio is portable and can even fit inside a suit coat pocket. At a price of only $79.95, this is one gift definitely worth having. Leaf & Tinder manufactures other fine products, including Cigar Cutters and "Havana's Finest" Jigsaw Puzzle. For additional information on these products, please visit the Leaf & Tinder web site.
One of the best new magazines to hit the newsstands in recent years is Cigar Lifestyles Magazine. Written for the affluent personality who expresses their cosmopolitan interests and passion wherever they live and wherever they travel. Currently in eleven major metropolitan areas--including Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Detroit, Indiana, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Southern California, the Twin Cities, and Washington D.C.--Cigar Lifestyles combines national trends and information on such popular topics as cigars, entertainment, fashion, sports and 'the good life along with local news. For example, a recent article published in Boston had an article on former legendary Celtic head Coach Red Auerbach, while the Southern California issue had an article on comedian Dennis Miller. In addition to well written feature articles, Cigar Lifestyles also contains information on local, cigar-friendly establishments; information on the latest and greatest gadgets; and even markets and sells a line of Cigar Lifestyles apparel. Best of all, they seem to remember who their audience is and all the articles and information contained therein read exceptionally well. If you Subscribe Online now, you will receive a FREE cigar and humidor. For additional information on magazine subscriptions, purchasing apparel, or obtaining the franchise rights to publish a regional issue in your neighborhood, please visit our good friends on the web at
If you ever want to feel as though you just spent a week long vacation in Cuba without ever having to leave the comforts of your sofa, you must see "Rhythm and Smoke" a new, 60 minute motion picture quality video. Rhythm and Smoke is a very informative and entertaining video that combines the cigar making process--including live footage from the Pinar del Rio tobacco growing region and some of Cuba's leading cigar factories--with outstanding, live Latin Jazz, and a tour of Havana--including visits at the famed La Bodeguita del Medio and Palacio del Salsa--and Cuban countryside. The video is hosted by famed artist and cigar connoisseur, LeRoy Neimann and contains informative clips (i.e. how to store, light and select cigars) with Richard Perelman, author of Perelman's Pocket Cyclopedia of Cigars and Perelman's pocket Cyclopedia of Havana Cigars. At present, there are numerous cigar videos out on the market; however, none of them match the cinematography (this video was produced by the same creator who brought you familiar box office hits such as Glengary Glenross and True Romance) and musical score inherent throughout the video. Rhythm and Smoke makes the perfect gift for novice or aficionado....if you have to get just one video for the connoisseur within your household, this is the one. If you are an American, this is about as close as you can legally get to Cuba without "crossing the line."
The Ci-Garage
"Park Your Butt Here."
If I didn't know any better, I'd swear 1970's infomercial guru Larry Popeil (i.e. inventor of the Popeil Pocket Fisherman and the Ronco knives) was getting into the cigar business, following the introduction of the latest and greatest new gadget...The Ci-Garage. This is an excellent new product that is compact, portable, and includes an ashtray, cigar saver, and cutter all in one convenient package. The Ci-Garage opens up and allows you to cut your cigar, light it with an enclosed book of matches, store your unfinished cigar (up to a 52 ring gauge), and it even has a built in ashtray. At a suggested retail of only $49.95, the price isn't bad either. As Linda Bryer, inventor of The Ci-Garage, boasts, "Park Your Butt Here." If you are looking for the perfect gift for novice or aficionado, the staff at highly recommends this to you. For additional information on The Ci-Garage or to order this item, please visit the good folks at

PB 207

precision-crafted micro-torch
To many, the lighting of a cigar is a ritual that can enhance--or detract from--ones smoking experience. In a world filled with many choices, today's cigar aficionado is fortunate to be able to select a lighter that fits their needs from the good folks at Blazer Corporation, America's leading producer of high-quality, precision crafted micro-torches. My personal favorite from their extensive line of products is the portable, PB-207 pocket micro-torch. In addition to being compact, the PB-207 features an adjustable flame, locking switch, protective safety cap, and is wind-resistant--making it perfect for the golf course, car, or camping and the great outdoors. Available in 4 different colors, I personally prefer their clear, see-through version which shows exactly how much lighter fluid you have remaining at all times. Speaking of lighter fluid, Blazer Corporation markets its own line of premium butane lighter fluid--strongly recommended for use with any Blazer product--that is triple refined to remove any impurities that would otherwise clog your micro-torch. To review this fine product, please visit the Blazer Corporation site.

Veirup and Mueller
The Emperor
We recently reviewed a line of humidors from Veirup & Mueller (formerly Beverly Hills Humidor Company) based on my propensity to enjoy larger sized cigars and their claim that their humidors are designed specifically, although not exclusively, for Churchill's and Double Coronas. Afterall, the last thing I want are for my Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas to get crushed or destroyed. We sampled a model from their line known as The Emperor, which can hold up to 350 larger sized cigars very comfortably. Overall, we were very impressed with the appearance of the unit--which has a nice hand rubbed lacquer finish along with the extensive use of solid brass hinges and lid supports throughout--as well as the functionality. The Emperor comes equipped with 2 large, "Credo" type humidistats that maintain perfect humidity as well as convenient, lift out trays. Veirup & Mueller have been in business for more than 34 years and are expert craftsmen and cabinetmakers. Their line of humidors can be used for personal or commercial use and come highly recommended by the staff at
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