250 East Imperial Highway #199, Brea, California 92621

For the CIGAR AFICIONADO Maxwell's offers
an extensive selection of the world's finest cigars.

Currently in the Humidor:

AVODunhillH Upmann
Paul GarmirianRomeo Y JulietaTe Amo
ButeraArturo FuenteDon Tomas
Nat ShermanCAOAstral
And Many Many More
Did you lose your cigar cutter or maybe you left your cigar case at home. Maxwell's carries a full line of cigar accessories. Storage and care of cigars is important. Maxwell's has humidors from desktop to pocket. Maxwell's is owner operated.
For the pipe smoker Maxwell's offers a selection of over 30 custom blended tobaccos. Depending on your taste you can choose from sweet cherry or a mild vanilla to a variety of other flavors. For those of you who prefer a good old english, virginia, or burley we have those too. With our large selection of pipes and accessories, Maxwell's can fill all your smoking needs.
Find yourself short of time, not enough hours in the day. Don't worry, Maxwell's delivers. Just give us a call, place your order and we will deliver your order to the WOODFIN SUITES front desk. Please note all deliveries will be made after 7:00 p.m.

Cigars are measured in inches for length, and by unit of measurement called a ring for diameter of the cigar. One ring is 64/100's of an inch. Ring sizes definitely have an influence on how the cigar will taste. Assuming you are smoking the exact same filler-binder-wrapper tobaccos, the bigger the ring gauge, the fuller the taste.

If you find a cigar that you really like, but feel it is a little to intense, try it in a smaller size. Conversely, if you want more of the same taste, increase the ring size. Indeed, to the true connoisseur, the thickness of a cigar is more important than its length, which usually is only an indication of how long the cigar will smoke.

250 East Imperial Highway #199, Brea, California 92621

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