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Thank you for your interest in CigarFriendly.comTM, one of the premiere cigar web sites on the Internet. The following are a list of reasons why your cigar-friendly establishment or product should advertise with us:

  1. CigarFriendly.com has been in business since 1996 and has developed a loyal following. It's formula for success has been quite simple--(1) provide useful and informative content in a professional and well organized layout that appeals to this audience and (2) offer affordable advertising alternatives and programs to its sponsors
  2. CigarFriendly.comTM is the ONLY cigar web site recipient of the prestigious USA Today Hot Site, NetGuide Magazine Site of the Day, and Microsoft Network Pick of the Day awards. These are awards of distinction and are earned--unlike many other awards that are handed out in haphazard fashion.
  3. CigarFriendly.comTM not only benefits our advertisers by providing them with valuable web exposure, but we attract repeat viewers by virtue of (1) our award-winning design and layout; (2) we are not only a 'cigar cybermall,' but also provide useful information including listings of worldwide cigar-friendly establishments, a FAQ section entitled "Dr. Smoke", perform cigar and cigar product reviews; feature interesting articles; devote a section specifically to Cuba; and (3) by offering exciting, promotional giveaways.
  4. CigarFriendly.comTM is a marketing leader and innovator. We were the first commercial cigar web site to offer our advertisers additional exposure through our "Featured Product of the Month" and banner ad programs--others have taken notice and begun to follow our lead.
  5. Do not be misled by other sites that claim to be cigar-friendly or use cigarfriendly in their domain name. The basic information provided on these other sites can, instead, just as easily be found on a seach engine such as Google or Yahoo. ONLY CigarFriendly.com provides comprehensive worldwide cigar-friendly listings as well as useful product and establishment reviews, articles, and much, much more making it the most complete information filled cigar website in the world.
  6. CigarFriendly.com has a worldwide following. In fact, more than 20% of our viewers are from outside the United States. Therefore, if you own or operate a company in a non-US country, there is no reason why you should not advertise with CigarFriendly.com.
  7. CigarFriendly.com does not rotate its banner ads, as some other cigar sites do. Our business philosophy is if you pay for a banner ad then it should ALWAYS be visible to our viewers when they click to the specific section(s) of the site displaying your product or establishment message.
  8. CigarFriendly.comTM is not limited strictly to the cigar industry. We have many alliances and reciprocal links with firms in peripheral industries such as golf, travel, restaurants, entertainment, and more.
  9. CigarFriendly.comTM can design an effective web site for your establishment or product at a very reasonable cost and help you market your site and reach viewers once it is up and running. In fact, CigarFriendly.com does not incur huge overhead expenses, ensuring that the savings are passed along to you. Most importantly, these savings are achieved efficiently, without sacrificing quality. If you like the award-winning design and content of CigarFriendly.com, imagine the type of web presence we can create for your firm or service.
  10. CigarFriendly.comTM can help firms who already have web sites supplement their marketing efforts and reach a wider audience by linking your site to ours for a nominal annual fee. We invite you to shop around and ask for quotes from competitive sites... when you are done, we are extremely confident CigarFriendly.com will offer the best rates and service. After all, we do NOT want you to spend more on your link with us than you spent on developing your own web site!!
  11. CigarFriendly.comTM can also help your company gain immediate and widespread credibility within the cigar community by having us conduct a thorough evaluation of your product on our Review page. For perspective, CigarFriendly.com founder, Roy M. Stein, is a featured cigar review panelist in the Spring 1997 and Summer 1997 issues of Smoke Magazine.
  12. With all the anti-tobacco legislation and bad press concerning cigars recently, it is more important than ever to advertise your product or service in order to maintain mindshare and increase your sales. You can no longer afford to take a passive approach towards reaching the end user...you need to take a proactive approach, which is how CigarFriendly.com can assist you.

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